Chelidonium Soap Gel

We are honoured and pleased to present you with this unique soap (gel) which has exclusive properties. It contains pure quality plant oils—olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and is based on a natural extract of chelidonium which helps in cleansing and relieving the skin. The soap has excellent capabilities for purifying and washing due to its unique bioactivity . Chelidonium alleviates various skin problems.
The soap has been checked successfully in a micro biology lab to assure its resistance to bacterial strains in accordance with the European Pharmological 5.1.3 standards.
Instructions: Wet the skin on the body, face and head. And massage .Wait 1-3 minutes then rinse. Using a sponge to apply the soap gets the best results.
Contact with open sores might cause a stinging feeling which will rapidly pass after rinsing.
Low temperature can cause a color change in the soap
Do not use if you sensitive to any of the ingredients.